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Sri Lanka - The Experience of a Lifetime

Few holiday destinations offer the cultural wealth and diversity, natural beauty and excitement, especially in such close proximity to each other that Sri Lanka does. There is a reason that the island is known as the “Jade Pendant in the Indian Ocean,” that it is often quoted as being the inspiration for the Garden of Eden story and that its name is commonly used in the same breath as the word paradise. Such descriptions seem a lot to live up to but Sri Lanka does indeed live up to all these expectations and much more besides.

Exciting Adventure and Rich Culture Await

Such an ancient place obviously has its fair share of historical remains and the island boasts 8 Unesco Cultural World Heritage sites, impressive ruins dating back thousands of years and a further two such sites famed for their natural beauty and wonder. But the island is also famed for having some of the best beaches on the planet, not just for soaking up the sun and relaxing but especially if a more active water experience is sought. The coastal breakers make for exciting surfing, the gentle breezes make windsurfing a popular past time and under the water you can scuba dive over pristine coral reefs, experience whales, turtles and dolphins or fish the vibrant seas.

Back on land all manner of sport is available, the golf course are glorious, tennis courts about and of course Sri Lanka has a rich cricket tradition. Go further inland and you can join a wildlife safari and view elephants, leopards and all manner of wild animal in their natural environment. You might want to go bird watching as you trek through the rainforests trails and for the more adventurous there is always rafting and canoeing, caving, biking or hot air ballooning.

The Perfect Way to Relax

The great charm of Sri Lanka as a destination is that you can mix more strenuous activities, and of course if the island is famous for one thing above all others it is the practice of Ayurveda. This ancient system of traditional medicine uses herbs and oils to heal, rejuvenate and restore balance to a person’s life. There are many spas, villas and hotels which offer these treatments scattered across the island and whether you plan a trip based around such a retreat or mix the experience in with more active pursuits Ayurveda is the perfect reset button to dispel the stress and worries of the modern world.

Sri Lanka’s location means that its cuisine has evolved from a mix of cultural influences, not just Indian but because of the trade routes that have threaded through the region across history, Indonesian, South East Asian and even Dutch and later Western fusions are all to be found in its iconic dishes.

SkyHaven Tours - The Small Professional Company

Of course the perfect way to explore an island which offers so much is to have a local tour company as your guide and SkyHaven Tours, based in the cultural capital of Kandy, is not only local and knowledgable but well respected and known for their professional approach. They are a small, family business but are recognised both throughout Sri Lanka and internationally as being experts in the tourist industry and it is this combination of local knowledge and in-depth, professional experience that means that they can offer you an intimate and personal service helping you put together the perfectly balanced visit, one that caters specifically to your needs.

Whether visiting Ancient Sites, Watching the Exotic Wildlife or Sipping Drinks on a Sunset Beach, SkyHaven is the perfect guide to this charming and beautiful island. 

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